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Since the deplorable Assimilation of Indigenous, which persists today, America has had a predatory preference for mass child abduction, detainment, trafficking, torture and murder…


There are MANY Survivors who desperately need help but are unable to ask and find it difficult to accept. This is our programming. Please support Survivors like Liz Ianelli who was duct taped in a carpet for 8 days after reporting the pedophile who...

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#freenicole 14yr Old Foster Child Facing a Life Sentence after Police Shootout

Nicole is a 14yr old Puerto Rican born foster child who has been in residential group homes & TTI facilities since she was 7. She escaped the last one with her 12yr old friend, broke into a house, and used the guns they found...

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It has officially been one year since the death of 16 year old foster child, Cornelius Frederick. Look back on Lakeside with Corn’s Case Manager, and the Director of Case Management, Meghan Folkerson. Please join us in reigniting this campaign for justice. Read National...

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